Our Mission


KD7ARET's mission is to operate and maintain Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®), Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES),  Public Safety and other communications systems, including wire and radio facilities, and to perform communications services to assist government officials in the protection of life and property by providing accurate communications in a timely manner.






Upcoming Events:






KD7ARET Net: Thursdays 8:00pm 147.375+ (pl123.0) Walton, KY (net preamble, NCS log) 


Kentucky Emergency Net: Mondays 7:30pm 3.972.5 lsb


Kentucky Digital Net: Wednesday 8:30pm 3.585 usb (+1000hz) PSK31


Kentucky Digital Net - 2 (KDN2): Monday 8:30pm 3.585 (+1000)usb PSK31

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